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Must have items @ 19:41

So ladies! For my first post ive been umm-ing and urr-ing about what to do, just a little information about myself? or a whole load of products i love? Insead ive deicded to put my staple items. The things i use everyday, I will tell you I'm a student and therefor on a budget so there isn't a great deal of expense involved with these items, but i know they work for me, hopefully some of them will work for you too!
This is the first product, foundation, now who can live without foundation? Not me thats for sure, and once you find that perfect one, the one which does everything for your skin its a hallelujah! moment, now i have tried countless foundations but i always go back to this one, its a medium/high coverage foundation and there are loads of different colours available. I use it in 102 (pastelle) everyday, or if i have caught the sun i will use natural bronze (the number escapes me). For less than £10 this foundation is a bargin, and really, who doesn't love one of those!
The second product I couldn't be without has to be the Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara, I have never found a mascara which really lengthens and volumises my lashes (cry), but this has to be the one that comes closest! I'm cursed with short stubby lashes and I love false lashes for a night out to try and hide my problem, but this mascara is the best ive come across! and at £11.99(RRP) its a snip-it!

Another staple item in my bag is this hoola bronzer by Benefit. Its amazing! It's the perfect product for contouring and in summer this gives me a really nice glow to my cheeks which ive never been able to get without being out in the sun for hours! It really suits my skintone and is buildable so i can be as sunkissed or jordan-esq tanned as i want!


And heres the last of the bunch, Carmex cherry lipbalm, i know this doesn't seem very exciting but ive never found that berfect shade of lipstick or lipgloss so i tend to just pat a little of this on my lips and it gives them a nice hydrated sheen, the cherry flavour is lovely! Espessially in summer, and it has SPF 15 to combat that devil the sun from drying out your poor lips. At less than £5 this is repurchased again and again!

I know this post hasnt been the longest but these are my four must haves, just for a really natural face. With these products i can look less like a zombie from the underworld and more like an actual human being! I would love to have put something crazy on here but for everyday these products are perfect, I hope you've liked this first post and will keep looking beck for my next!


I absolutly love makeup! keep it here for reviews and more:)

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