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dolly bow bow! @ 21:42

Hey there! I'm very sorry i havnt been blogging, i've been really busy with college and afew other bits so now its easter holidays i will be blogging more, i promise:)
So today i have been going through youtube and was watching SWalkerMakeup's latest video (i love her by the way you should check out her channel! SWalkerMakeup) and she was reviewing a necklace and bracelet she had been sent by dollybowbow (also on youtube - Dollybowbow) i was stunned instantly loving these cute vintage finds and immediatly had to take a look at her website! I was so so impressed by it, there wasnt one item on there which i didnt like! 
Due to being very poor 8) i could only order two items at the moment but i have alot more to buy! Espessially as i start my job next week eek scary! That said everything was priced amazingly AND FREE P&P! which is very very good! but anyway back to the subject here are the items i ordered. -
This is called the "lovebirds necklace" - what a cute name! It was an absolute bargin at £5.99 for an 18 inch chain! or £6.99 for a 24inch chain! i think this is beautiful and ill be able to wear it everywhere i go, i tent to wear alot more gold than silver and think this will be perfect for day or night espessially with a summer dress!
I'm such a sucker for hair accessories! And i think this has to be the cutest one i have ever seen, the nude colour is so on trend for the S/S10 look! And i really do think this is beautiful, i cant wait to get my hands on it.

I hope you're all having a good easter and please check out the dolly bowbow website its so worth your while -  dolly bowbow!!! I will be doing an updated full review as soon as i recieve my accessories.



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