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cheap summer bracelet idea @ 11:50

Ok, so after having a throughly boring day yesterday i decided in the evening i would make afew bracelets, you know like those old plaited ones you would make when you were little? There so simple to make and look good on any outfit, plus you can make it any colour you like, do i hear the word BONUS! :')
Here are the ones i made -
Appologies on the picture being a little bit rubbish! but as you can see i made 3, i think doubling up on the about of cotton you use is good because otherwise there really thin! As you can see the middle one i made had a nautical effect i done it in blue and navy and attached a button with a crest on, which i think makes it look really different:) The one furthest right i have use ribbon for the yellow and the one furthest left i used pastel colours. I hope you like them and would love to see some people try them out themselves!



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