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Barry M mint green nail paint @ 12:05

So after seeing loads of people rocking the new pastel nail trend i was excited to try it, to be honest im a barbie pink nail girl, i hardly ever veer away from Barry M bright pink, and when i do i always crave my barbie nails back, so i was a little scared about trying out this wacky trend.
The Colour i chose was mint green, it is alot more green than this picture suggests and actually i am really liking it! after looking on the website i think i might have prefered lime green as this is still really vibrant, but it is a nice colour.
As you can see the colour is very true to the bottle colour and i think its beautiful for summer daytime, i would say you need 2/3 layers of nail paints to get a complete no streak finish but if you play around with them im sure youll know the consistancy you like! Back with more soon!



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