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So, yesterday i got my haircut and it has turned out to be a complete disaster! Normally i love my haircut after about 2 weeks, so hopefully this will be the same. The fringe has been cut all wrong and it feels really short, i dont think it helped that i have been trying out different methods of curling and it kinda got frizzed out before i decided it looks awful curly and straightened it, urgh! so today has been a hair disaster! To top it off all my makeup recently has been sitting on my skin wierdly and looking pretty crap:( so i am not feeling very FOTD worthy today, oh well! heres how my hair looks when i like it!
this was on new year, i cant for the life of me think what i done differently but there you go...
and heres how it is today
 Granted i have put the fringe back as it wouldnt go right but theres just something about it! It doesn't look right! argh! i will have to have another go tomorrow and blowdry it properly etc. 
ps. its not shorter:') its just cos i hadnt brought any hair forward! PLEASE GROW HAIR.
:) anyone else having a bad hair day?



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