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Haul! makeup, sam chapman brushes etc @ 14:24

hey, I've been doing a little bit of shopping and thought id share with you all my recent purchases,
The first place i stopped off at was debenhams and i love the fact they have started to stock MAC there as it is my nearest store, i got my two staple items studio sculpt concealer in NW20 and MSF Natural in light medium, although it look alot darker in the pan than my other one does! (weird). Walking past the Chanel counter i always lust after their foundations and lip colours so decided to take the plunge and go for it, luckily i had a £5 reward on my debenhams card so it wasn't as expensive as first anticipated, i got colour matched as a 20 Clair which is defiantly the right colour for me. I have used this for afew days and I'm still undecided i love my studio fix fluid and this doesn't have the same coverage but the finish it gives to your skin is lovely i will do a full review on this product soon.
I popped into bodycare this afternoon to see if they had any little gems going cheap, i have wanted some St Moritz for ages, it is the ripoff of St Tropez but I've heard some great things about it, i really need a good colour because i look like Caspar the friendly ghost at the moment, i really am that pale! Plus it was only £2 a bottle. And when i got to the till they had the rimmel fruities polish for £1.99 can you say impulse buy?! none the less orange is a shade i really wanted even though I've been eyeing up the china glaze neon polishes as a brilliant summer bright.

So you might know a little something about these brushes i have seen a few blogposts about them recently and thought id jump on the bandwagon! The are designed by the beautiful Sam at pixiwoo and if you don't know who she is you need to get across to their YouTube channel! I really wanted some new face brushes and although i love my MAC 187 i cannot justify spending £31 on a single brush right now, so after reading a few reviews i thought these would be great to try, The set i got was the core collection and it consists of a contour, buffing, pointed foundation and detailer brush. The set was £18.99 and i got it from love-makeup.co.uk, When i opened them up the first thing i noticed was how small the foundation brush was i was expecting something more like the 190 but its about half the size making for much more precise application. These brushes are so soft they are like feathers which is gorgeous when applying your makeup and i highly recommend them to anybody in the market for great quality brushes with a lower price range.

Hope you liked this post if you want a more detailed review of any of the items please ask
:) have a great day!



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