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Tis' the season to sparkle! @ 14:33

So today I've been feeling really christmassy and really getting into the season! Only 33 sleeps people, get your shopping started! Yesterday during a trip to boots i picked up a nail polish which is going to be my December favourite i think! Its a Barry M glitter polish and i LOVE it.
This picture is with flash so it doesn't do the enamel justice at all, its filled with fine red, green and silver glitters and it looks beautiful! I put on Sally Hansen mega shine over the polish to really make it gleam and wow does it sparkle in the light! I advise you all to get this it has amazing coverage and from past experience it doesn't chip like alot of the glittery polishes do. it is available online and from all Barry M stockists here's the link if you are interested http://www.barrym.com/nail-paints the shade is called silver cascade.

and another photo without flash!

Also a little update on my shopping trip oxford street was packed and i didn't end up buying much so that post wont be happening but perfect foundation routine will be up tomorrow or Thursday. Tell me what else you'd like to read about!


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