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more MAC purchases! @ 16:40

Hi guys! 
Just a quick post about a few purchases i made online during selfridges friends and family discount weekend! you got 10% off all beauty products, i wish i had abit more money so i could have brought some other products but all in good time ;)
anywhere here's what i brought...
(L-R: MAC foundation pump, MAC brush cleanser, Mac mineralize skin finish natural in light medium)

The brush cleanser works really well especially if your in a hurry, being a makeup artist i spend alot of my time cleaning brushes and this makes it alot easier i cant believe i haven't brought it sooner!

Mineralize skinfinish natural is a powder i believe some people use it as a foundation but ill be using it after applying my studio fix to help it stay in place, this is going to be perfect for putting in my bag for little touch ups, i will do a full review after I've used it for a while.

Foundation pump, after using my studio fix for over a week now i end up feeling like i waste alot of product around the lip of the bottle. i decided for £2.50 this was a savvy purchase especially when it was slightly cheaper minus the 10%
I can't wait for my next payday to start building a eyeshadow palette, ill keep you updated on that!



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