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most inspiring celebrities: part one! Khloe Kardashian @ 10:15

OK, so i thought id start a little 3 part series of the celebrities i admire the most! This can be admiration for anything, their lifestyle decisions, their makeup/hair/fashion. Or all 3!! I'm going to start this off with Khloe Kardashian, shes one of my altime favourite celebs, i never miss an episode of keeping up or KKTM although alot of people seem to prefer Kim i relate more to khloe! I'm the younger sister, I'm always the joker of the pack and love making everyone laugh. She is who i take alot of inspiration from fashion wise as she hasn't always been stick thin, shes gorgeous and has a really strong work ethic! i completely have a girl crush! anyone else share this?
Look out for part two sometime this week! xoxo Hana


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