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my first EVER trip to MAC! @ 21:45

Hey everyone! so today was a momentous, amazing and wonderful day in any makeup addicts life! The first trip to Mac, ok so maybe I've left it a little late? I'm 18, but in my defence where i live the closest Mac is around a half hour to 45 minute journey!

I've asked for a few bits for Christmas namely concealer and a paint pot. Which my mum kindly brought me today:) so i do have a few more bits coming my way after December 24th!

Anyway back to my own shopping trip, i went into Debenhams which has a 10% off beauty products 3 day spectacular. I was suprised to hear this was also on the Mac stand and so decided today was the day to take the plunge. I always wanted some brushes but the cheaper alternatives seemed just as good in my opinion? But the 'A tartan tale' packaging drew me in and i decided on the 'A lady & her tricks buff and line brush collection' which includes a tartan purse/clutch bag, 187SE brush, 168SE brush, 219SE brush, 252SE brush and 209SE brush. Out of all of these the one i wanted most was the 187 brush! I'm always looking to improve my foundation routine trying to get the prefect finish and I've heard a lot of great things about this brush, on its own its around £30 and in the set with the 4 other brushes i paid £35.55 can i hear a BARGINOUS! so i had already decided on this set and decided to bite the bullet and ask an assistant for help, shock horror! I needed colour matching for my concealer and foundation and to my surprise the assistant was really helpful she was absolutely lovely and really put me at ease, i have often heard about bad experiences in Mac with the staff being a little snotty but my experience was completely the opposite to this! She colour matched me immediately saying I'm a NW15! i know! pale or what! but i have to say its a much better match than my Revlon colourstay in ivory. So after the assistant had colour matched my foundation i asked what concealer she recommended i get, after explaining that it was mainly for under my eyes and occasionally on blemishes she recommended studio sculpt to me rather than studio finish as it can look too drying under the eyes. Also she said get it slightly darker as the NW15 is practically white so i am NW20 in concealer. After that i asked which paint pot she would recommend as a base for me and rubenesque was what she got me and i was quite happy with that, i noticed she had on a gorgeous eyeshadow combination and thought what the hey! i may aswell ask, it turned out to be another of the 'A tartan tale' collection it was actually a set of five pigments in the '5 smokey thrill seekers pigments/glitters' these are gorgeous purple pinks and glitters which look amazing on the eye, luckily my mums put this away for another Xmas pressie! So that was my trip to Mac if you want a lovely selection of products and friendly staff i recommend the Debenhams Milton Keynes store.

As i said my mums put 3 of the things away for Christmas so i only have pictures of the brushes and foundation, but if you ever want to have a look at any of the products go to www.maccosmetics.co.uk which has all the information on all the products mentioned and more.

I will do a full review on products and brushes after I've had a good use out of them, i have to say i think i am now converted to Mac, I am off to London tomorrow and think i may have to get a MSF natural and eyebrow pencil recommended by Kelly from www.kelanjo.com
Are there any products from Mac you couldn't live without? Leave me a comment!


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