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I fancy a SNOG! @ 08:11

Hey guys! So this is a review about one of my favourite food companies in the world I think! and if youve got a sweet tooth you'll love it too. A couple of months ago I was traulling the steets of London when I came across a big pink SNOG sign as i was walking down the street, I was instantly drawn in by the bright colours and the fact it was called "SNOG" come on, who doesn't love a snog! Although I thought it was a beautiful shop I have been to Pinkberry in America and didn't think it would compare. How wrong can a girl be! It was amazing! From the moment i walked in the shop the staff looked after me, they were so friendly and helpful as all the toppings can be a little daunting for a first time snogger! Here is what the company said about themselves,
"Snog isn't a miracle, just delicious pure frozen yogurt. But with our unique healthy recipe and refreshing shop concepts, we believe weve for something pretty special"
Now normally id think this was all fluff to draw you into the store, but trust me, you wont be unimpressed. The next great thing about them is the calories, now im a frozen yogurt fanatic(ice cream doesnt cut it) and one of the best things about it is the calories! With just 89 calories for a green tea or natural snog, or 109 for a chocolate snog you truly wont feel like you're doing something wrong, tell me what deserts you can get for 100 calories?! None i hear you say! Try these out they are truly scrumptious. 
I have now visited three of the four stores spread across London, here are some pictures of them:

As you can see they put alot of work into their stores making them beautiful on the dreary london streets, they shine like a beacon!
Just to give you an idea of how many different toppings their is heres my favourite five! -
Too see the rest of the menu please visit their webiste (its a visual treat!) at http://www.ifancyasnog.com 
The last thing i want to mention is the prices, they are also fantastic. Prices start from £2.85 for a little snog with no toppings and go up to £6.15 for a big snog with 3 toppings! Thats amazing value, these tubs of yogurt are so filling and refreshing, i expect the stores to be packed over the summer months! They have recently brought out gift cards too, so if your wanting one to try out and you have a birthday coming up, seriously ask for a gift card, you wont regret it! I know personally i've asked my mum for a couple:) 
Thats all for now guys, hope your having a great easter


Pictures from google, all content is my own opinions.

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