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The Next product i want to try! Silk Epil 7 xpessive pro 7 @ 18:55

After watching lollipop26's video I was intrigued by this product. Like her i get really sensitive skin by shaving, but i HATE being hairy so do it excessivly, thus giving my skin that horrible red blotchy look which is horrible. I've always been afraif of epilators the noise of them alone is something to put me off! But i really want to try this one it claims that it can remove hairs as small as a grain of sand! if this is true i cant see why anyone wouldn't want it! Also it comes in pink, clearly a big selling point for me;) I think i will get one after my next paycheck then tell you all the results i get and the ouch factor!


I absolutly love makeup! keep it here for reviews and more:)

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