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frontcover tattoo! @ 18:26

OK so not real but after recently watching this video from Frontcover Cosmetics i was really interested in trying it out for myself, i started with something simple which i actually want as a tattoo. Just to try it out, here's what i done
OK, so not the most artistic of designs but still i think this is an amazing idea if your not 100% sure on a tattoo or its placement I think it looks better in real life than in this picture but I'm still really impressed by the results and will be doing this alot for nights out etc!
Unfortunately doing this i have broken my shadowline:(:( i feel teary this little gem has been my favourite since i got the palette and i don't know what I'm going to do without it :(!!!! WARNING go easy on the shadowline, its not indestructible and you might end up with this...
 :(! I will be trying out more designs this weekend and will do a post of pictures of what i have created!


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