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random purchases, spray tans, iphone vagazzle and teeth? @ 15:19

Hey guys this is abit of a random blogpost with abit of everything in it:) enjoy!

So i have been in the market for a white watch from some time, i work at a jewellers so get a % off whatever i buy from there and i love the Michael Kors watches the one i want is £300+ so not really in my price range, i have also looked at toy watches and although i love them it is a plastic watch...
so i have previously had a white watch from Argos which i loved (and think i wrote a blogpost on?!) but it sadly broke last year and i never got round to getting a new one, i went on the Argos website afew days ago and saw it was on offer for GET THIS.... £5.99!!! i am not kidding. Now this isn't an expensive watch to start with but for £5.99 i thought what could go wrong and the awnser is nothing, its perfect it tells the time and looks stylish i definitely recommend this watch to anybody! Here's a link to the watch if there is a downside its that it ticks quite loudly(i think!) but it may not bother you, this watch looks fantastic with a tan as well, perfect for the summer months! which brings me onto the next part of this post spray tans! now I'm one for a really healthy glow i love being tan but hardly ever find the time to do it but part of my college course is spray tanning so i am now a qualified tanner (is this a word!?) yay!:) I'm seriously thinking about getting my own spray tan machine, tent etc to start doing them as it can be a very good little business and plus i can always tan myself ;) haha! you can probably tell from the above pictures i am very brown but my poor hand has had a big fake tan fail! i was changing the bottle of tan in the machine and unfortunately forgot to wipe my hand afterwards...ever the professional! :)

iPhone vagazzle? whats that i hear you ask? obviously its just a blinged out iPhone, i know really cheap and tacky but i kind of love it! Ive had more comments on my phone in the last week or so than i ever had before haha! And this isn't the first rhinestone case I've had (CRINGE!) i got it from here and thought it was a pretty good price, unfortunately they sent me one for the 3GS to start with but after emailing them they sent me the one for the iPhone 4 in the next days post which was great and they couldn't be more helpful:) As i said this wasn't the first case of this style  I've had but its definitely the best one all the rhinestones are surrounded by a glitter style case so there isn't any glue gaps like you get with some cases and none of the rhinestones, not even tiny little edge ones, feel like they are going to come out! i don't know how they've achieved it but what a brilliant case! i love it and recommend to all:)
my last few purchases are a Filofax and some whitening toothpaste:) This past few months I've really tried to get organised and the Filofax has really helped with that the one i got is the breast cancer leather personal organised you can find all the details about it here i only paid around £18 plus shipping from WHsmiths but cant find it on their website at the moment unfortunately. It was discounted at the time from £44 but they have loads of great sales on their website at the moment so have a look there might be one you like :) As well as trying to get organised i have been trying to get right for September, a post coming soon! and whitening my teeth was one of the first things i wanted to do, i love white teeth que Simon Cowell!
Look at the marvelous white teeth, so jel! anyway i have used crest whitestrips in the past and started to reuse them again, i have just finished a two week use of them and my teeth are pretty white but i heard about this toothpaste on YouTube and thought id give it a go! its really good, some people say it has a funny taste but to be honest it tastes like toothpaste:) i think its helping slowly to whiten them but i would like to try out the crest whitestrips supreme next:) heres a photo of me trying to show my teeth without looking too much like a cheeseball....fyi i failed!

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