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Frontcover Cosmetics - the ultimate eyeshadows @ 22:10

I've been meaning to do this post for a while, its on my ultimate favourite eyeshadow pallete. Its from a company called 'Frontcover Cosmetics' i'm sure alot of you will have already have heard of this brand, they released their original shadow palletes and other makeup sets for christmas 2008, they were a huge sucess and flew off the shelves and i personally remember unwrapping alot of them. 
The one item i have used day in and day out is the rainbow eyes pallete, it is truly my holy grail eyeshadow set, i reach for it day and evening, its a wide spectrum of colours it truly has something for everyone. I was so happy when i found out it had been relaunched this April and hope it stays round for a long time! Personally although my rainbow eyes pallete is looking quite worse for wear all the colours still have loads left (minus the orange which unfortunatly broke:( ) So i can't justify buying a new one just yet, heres what the set looks like -
You can really see here what i mean about there being a colour for every occassion, what this picture doesnt show you is that on the inside of the box there are tips for application and different looks for you to create including the perfect smokey eye, which i have been complimented on countless times! As you can see you are supplied with two double ended brushes, which are perfectly fine to apply the shadows with although i prefer my own set. Then a reusable liquid pen which you can dip into any colour and create your own personal eyeliner, its fantastic! As i do make up artistry at college i have to have good quality products, people dont want you putting anything on their face, but the amount of times people have said to me "where can i get that!" or "god this colours amazing" is rediculous, and im so happy i can tell them that it is finally available again! The pay off with every colour in the box is amazing, these are some of the most pigmented colours i have ever used. This set is £30 and available in most large boots stores, or your able to order it off the website here

The next product from the same company I want to talk about is the 'in the bag' set, unfortunatly this is past season and i dont think there are any plans to bring it back but here what i thought about it anyway incase a new product is similar - 
This set has been well loved, I always get compliments on the makeup bag, and the brushes didn't shed at all! Overall a very impressive product.
I have had many other frontcover products and they never fail to impress, this is one brand I will repurchase again and again, well done front cover, you truly are incredible! They are bringing out a new collection soon and as soon as i get information on that i will try and tell you guys! I can't wait, this is one brand i would reccomend to everybody!


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