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glitzy glam purchases @ 18:47

If you haven't heard of this website where on earth have you been! www.shopglitzyglam.com is run by the YouTube 'sensations' Elle and Blair Fowler, i have previously purchased a headband and key chain from them but always wanted the makeup brush holder but shipping was as much as the glass jar itself and i thought it was a little ridiculous so have put off buying it. Off course when my twitter feed told me they were having free shipping on ALL orders i jumped straight on it and ordered the brush holder and also a plastic tumbler both i thought would be good for when i go to uni in September:)
I'm such a sucker for anything personalised, i think its the child in me, haha! i am saving both items for uni but have used the tumbler or cup as we would call it in England afew times and its really fun to use haha! i paid $28 for both items i believe which works out at about £17? somewhere about that, a little pricey but i love both items so i don't really mind!
I've got my eye on a waffleweave makeup bag next which i think my mum will get me for my birthday. Glitzyglam shipping was a little slow but that's understandable coming from the US and they packaged everything really well and each item was in a cellophane wrapper which was so cute!
What do you like from Glitzyglam? ever made a purchase?

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