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Sleek review: Kajal Eyeliner @ 17:15

I recently saw this product on SWalkerMakeup's Youtube and thought it looked amazing so went and brought one! I got it in Nocturnal which is a black and use it in the following way. Closing my eye i place the liner crayon between my upper and lower waterlineand stroke it back and forward, this gives me the most amazing smoked effect, i really do think this is a staple product and have been using it everyday for abit of a different look with a nude eye and a thin coat of mascara.
As i have said it come in a crayon form and i have found that shaving the end off you can get a slightly more precise line. From the packaging this looks like a lipstick but when you open it its a crayon! I think the packaging is really inovative and you get alot of product for the money £3.99!! Amazing price points as always with sleek! I havn't had any problems with staying power, it really has lasted me all day, longer than my usual kohl pencil. I reccomend this to anyone, give it a go!


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