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Ins and Outs May edition! @ 17:06


Half term! even though i only have 2 weeks when i go back, i love days off!

Rediscovering old perfume! recently found my davidoff cool water, although the packaging is pretty dire, i love the smell, so summery!

The Hills the new season is more drama filled than Britney Spears herself

Clothes shopping a whole new summer wardrobe has been brought and i am E-X-C-I-T-E-D


Holidays coming up I'm off to Paris the beginning of July, Cornwall the second week of august and reading festival the end of august so I'm pretty excited for all of that


London Primark!!!!! whoever though one women's changing room was enough is sorely mistaken!!!

Black clothes everyone should be in pink!

Not being 18 yet :( August 3rd come quicker!!!

Working on sunny days, I'm still pale as ever


I absolutly love makeup! keep it here for reviews and more:)

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