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Argos £9.99 Watch! thanks gemsmaquillage! @ 19:19

Hey guys! I've recently been looking at TOY watches, as a brand i think the watches are beautiful! And have wanted one for a good few months, but as I'm saving for a car i couldn't justify spending over a hundred pounds on one. So i was stuck, I wanted a similar watch but just couldn't find one i really liked, as i was trawling through YouTube i suddenly remembered watching one of gemsmaquillage's videos and her wearing some pretty toy style watches from Argos! From memory she had two and one was pink? I don't know, but anyway i went to the Argos website and low and behold a beautiful white watch for the bargain price of just £9.99! AMAZING! I thought to myself unfortunately a lot of people must have had the same idea as me and it was out of stock in every branch near me for 3 weeks! I finally got an email saying it was in stock and ready for collection! YAY! Monday morning i went and collected my watch and i am so happy with it, I got the watch in white as this was the colour TOY watch i wanted and also i thought it would look nice with a tan(worst reason ever!) But i couldn't be happier with the watch itself, its so perfect just what i wanted, my only slight gripe with it is that the tick is really loud (or so i think) but this maybe just that I'm not used to wearing a watch, haha! Here's a picture of the watch, i advise anyone who can to buy one of these, they come in pink, black, white, yellow, blue and purple. A colour for everyone!
I hope you all like the watch as much as i do. 


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