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Sleek Make-up Palletes @ 19:19

Hey, just thought id do a quick post about one of my favourite makeup items, my sleek original palette has been on loads and loads of photo shoots with me, and i have to say it has lasted me well! i have only just touched pan, and I've had it for around 9 months, and use it regularly! The black is one of the best I've come across, great for a smokey eye, using a thin dense bristled brush, put a sharp line across your top lid and blend upwards, it created a beautiful look. the two pink colours are great for a nude look, really on trend! and the golds a nice for a night out. I think these colours give a brilliant spectrum of colours and are amazing for anyone starting out in makeup, but they are so pigmented anyone will love using them! For just under a fiver from superdrug i cant recommend this palette enough, everyone needs them in their collection! I cant wait to try the sleek contour sets and their lipstick colours look fantastic! Will do reviews once I've got them :)


I absolutly love makeup! keep it here for reviews and more:)

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