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Garnier Summerbody Moisturising lotion review @ 19:35

Hey lovelies!
OK, so recently Ive been having that pale as a sheet feeling. Unfortunately my skin is naturally very pale and it doesn't suit my features at all :( (why cant i be more like Nicola Roberts!) I decided id go down the moisturising tan route as i have enough time to gradually build it up for summer. After having some dreadful experiences with dove and Johnson's i decided to go with garnier, which has had some good reviews. Plus it was £2 in boots and I'm all for that! This is without a doubt the best tanning moisturiser i have used, by accident i have picked up the one for darker skin tones, but I haven't turned out tangoed, just a nice brown colour, which is hard to find in gradual tanners, snaps for Garnier! Amazingly this doesn't have a sick smell in fact i kinda like it, its fresh and although it does lingre it isn't over powering or bad just fresh. i have been using it on my face and body and honestly it hasn't broken out my spot prone skin at all. The moisturisation is quite good, not the best i have tried but defiantly not the worst. I will post pictures next week when I've got my camera. but trust me you will love this product, this is definitely getting repurchased! When applying i use rubber gloves to evenly distribute over my body and face then rub a small amount of the lotion on my hands to avoid the unfortunate orange hands scenario people dread! Here's the product
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