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tag three of me @ 16:26

Hey lovelies, I was tagged by makeup by dollymix

Three names I go by:

1, Hana
2, Hanny
3, Kozlowski

Three jobs I have had:

1, Waitress for weddings
2, Housekeeper at a hotel
3, Jewellrey sales assistant

Three places I have lived:

1, Stevenage
2, -
3, -

Three favorite drinks:

1, Water(BORING)
2, Sprite
3, Purple rain coctails!

Three TV shows I watch:

1, The Hills <3<3<3!
2, Eastenders
3, Hannah Montana:')

Three places I have been:

1, Egypt
2, Italy
3, Florida

Three places I would like to visit:

1, New York
2, LA
3, Vegas

Three people who text me regularly:

1, Tia
2, Katie
3, Jack

Three Favourite Old TV Shows

1, Friends
2, Sabrina
3, Lizzie Mcguire

Three Favorite Dishes:

1, Chicken and broccoli bake
2, Pizza
3, Enchiladas

Three makeup products I cannot live without:

1, Foundation
2, Mascara
3, Bronzer

Three Things I'm Looking Forward to:

1, Reading fest in august
2, Finishing college and being a fully qualified make up artist
3, Going to uni after next year

I think everyone has done this tag but if not then I tag you :)x


I absolutly love makeup! keep it here for reviews and more:)

If you want to get in touch twitter: @hanakozlowski email:lamorereviews@hotmail.co.uk
I will ensure i reply to every email and tweet i recieve so any requests, just ask!
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beautiful people.